🏆V2.0.1 Immortal Defender

In the final days of October, the HuntingNFT team, after extensive work that included community user feedback, economic model adjustments, development testing, and more, introduced the V2.0.1 update featuring the Layered Rewards gameplay. This version is named "Immortal Defender."

Main Updates in This Version:

The "Immortal Defender" version primarily encourages users to engage in Defense gameplay using the Suite Wright Dragon to earn set-based Defense Rewards.

Different levels of Suite-based Defense Rewards are distributed based on the varying drop rates of equipment within the Suite.

Currently, 5 levels of Wright Dragon Suite are available, with higher-level Suite scheduled for gradual release.

Level Title Materials



Ancient Wood



Bronze Ingot



Thorium Ingot



Gold Ingot



Frosted Silver Ingot

Game Interface Updates:

1.Added Suite-based Wright Dragon Level Indicator

Different levels of the White Fat Dragon sets will now display their corresponding levels. For example, "4" represents Set Lv-4, and sets with no designated level are displayed as "0."

2.Added Suite-based Reward Amount Field

When White Fat Dragons of different set levels participate in Defense, the "Suite" field will independently display the amount of set-based Defense Rewards they earn.

3.Added Real-time Defense Reward Data List

By clicking "World Defending" you can view the daily number of Wright Dragons in different levels of Defense, along with the respective Defense Reward amounts they can earn for the day. These amounts will be synchronized with on-chain data.

4.Game homepage and Defense details page now display "Highest Defense APR," "Highest Defense Reward," and "Sacrifice Reward" data from the previous day. Average Defense APR will no longer be displayed.

Note: The proportion of set-based Rewards in the total Rewards pool will gradually increase to ensure fairness for active users.

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