🤑Getting ready to hunting!

💸Double Rewards Yield Farming Event is coming💸Share total 2,666,656 $HNFT yield rewards 7/6 - 7/22

Before starting the hunting in order to activate your address, you are required to deposit a minimum of 401 $CKB into your L2 Godwoken ETH address from either a CEX or Wallet.

step-1 Visit https://www.yokaiswap.com and connect your wallet.

step-2 After logging in for the first time, a pop-up will appear in the top right corner saying "Uninitialized Godwoken account". Click the "Go to Bridge" button to access the Deposit page.

Step-3: Copy your Nervos ckb address and use your CEX or wallet to deposit $CKB into this address. To activate the account, a minimum deposit of 401 $CKB is required.

step-4:After completing the deposit, click the "MAX" button to deposit 401 CKB into your L2 Godwoken ETH address.

Step 5: After activation, you can manage your Nervos L2 assets on Godwoken ETH address, including $CKB, $HNFT, $USDC, ERC-721 NFTs etc. and start trading on Yokaiswap.

Alternatively, you can continue depositing L1 $CKB to the CKB1 address and then bridge them to the L2 Godwoken ETH address.

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