🩸4-Sacrifice to earn

Sacrifice: You can choose to sacrifice your Wright Dragon to share in the daily Sacrifice Pool rewards of $HNFT. The sacrificed Wright Dragon will be permanently destroyed. Select a Wright Dragon, click the "Sacrifice" button, and confirm to complete the sacrifice.

Claim $HNFT reward:Once you have successfully Sacrifice your Wright Dragon and the displays "PENDING" symbol, it indicates that the eligibility for receiving rewards has been confirmed.

After the daily settlement, the "PENDING" symbol changes to "SETTLED". You can click the "$" button to claim the sacrifice rewards from the previous day.

“In the current economic model of HuntingNFT, the daily sacrifices reward pool is set at 104,722 $HNFT. The rewards from the Sacrifice Pool are shared among the Wright Dragons that are sacrificed each day. You have the option to destroy a Wright Dragon to receive a one-time reward.

The Sacrifice mechanic introduces speculative behavior while also serving as an exit mechanism for users. Additionally, the daily defense APR Data is calculated based on the quantity of sacrifice rewards, which automatically balances the game's economic model and ensures that defense rewards can capture a benchmark value.

Sacrifice Rules:

1. Choose sacrifice your Wright Dragon to divide sacrifice pool equally.

2. Please sacrifice carefully.Once you choose, you will lose this Wright Dragon FOREVER.

3. Sacrifice rewards will sent to your wallet after settlement.”

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