😍Start Promote to earn!

For stronger HuntingNFT community, all players can get their unique referral links and promote them on any social channels to earn promote rewards.

Using your referral link,5% of hunting spending will be rewarded on your address.

You can claim your no upper limit rewards anytime.

Promote Link:https://app.huntingnft.cc/referral Discord:https://discord.com/channels/918487472453857290/922812845698220072/1131040578608566282 Just 3 steps to earn promote rewards:

Step-1.Enter the game,go to the 'Promo to Earn' section and copy your unique referral link.

Step-2. Copy your link and share it on your social channels. Customize your promotional message and images and send them.

Step-3. Earning promotional rewards in $CKB, with no upper limit on the amount. Claim it anytime!

let's start Promote to earn!

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