🔥1-Hunting Equipment

Dragon Equipment NFTs: The Dragon Equipment NFTs are custom-designed and jointly released by HuntingNFT Official and a renowned Nordic illustrator. The set comprises five pieces, including a helmet, shield, wings, corslet and sword.Lv-5 Platinum sword

"HuntingNFT V2.0 will feature a total of 10 levels, each consisting of suits made from different materials. Each equipment piece has a unique drop rate based on its rarity and possesses specific hidden attributes.

Currently, equipment levels 1 to 5 can be obtained through hunting, 6 to 10 equipment levels will be released in future game modes."

Start Hunting: First, open the game link https://app.huntingnft.cc/ in your wallet or PC browser.On the game homepage, select "Hunting Equipment". Manually choose the Dragon Scale and then click the "Start Hunting" button to begin the battle with the evil dragon.

"Each Dragon Scale used in the battle will cost 61 CKB, and the cost may be adjusted based on market conditions. Selecting different quantities of Dragon Scales to participate in the battle will directly impact the Hunting success rate."

Receive Equipment: In each battle, you have the chance to acquire a random piece of Dragon equipment, which will be stored in the equipment repository within the "Summon Dragon" module. You can view your hunting records by clicking the "List" button in the top right corner.

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