Hunting's Worldview

Whenever the aurora appears, there will be many black giant islands in the far north of the extreme cold places. The ancient castles on each giant island are guarded by a Wright Dragon all year round. The tribal elders call these islands the Wright Islands. According to legend, the tribal warriors can team up using Dragon Scales or travel to the giant island alone to kill the Wright Dragon, the battle survivors may get some Dragon Scale equipment. After gathering five different pieces of Dragon Scale equipment, they go to the castle to summon their own Wright Dragon. Finally inherit the endless wealth on the Wright Island, but very few has successfully made it back yet……
Dragon Scales are magical treasures left by dragons on the continent in ancient times, scattered in every corner of the ancient continent. The battle survivors can successfully land on 「Wright Islands」 only after carrying Dragon Scales, can also use Dragon Scales to kill Wright Dragon. After the battle is over, regardless of the result, the Dragon Scales will disappear.
One day, you luckily land on the giant island on the night when the aurora appeared, start to fight with Wright Dragon. Your story is about to begin……