🌏Hunting's Worldview

Whenever the aurora appears, numerous black giant islands emerge in the far north of the frigid regions. Each of these massive islands houses an ancient castle, guarded throughout the year by a Wright Dragon. These islands are referred to as the Wright Islands by the tribal elders. According to legend, tribal warriors can form teams using Dragon Scales or venture alone to the giant island to slay the Wright Dragon. Those who survive the battle have a chance to obtain Dragon Scale equipment. By gathering five distinct pieces of Dragon Scale equipment, they can then proceed to the castle and summon their own Wright Dragon. In doing so, they can finally inherit the boundless wealth on the Wright Island. However, achieving this feat and returning successfully remains a rare accomplishment.

In HuntingNFT's world, courageous hunting survivors will possess unique scale equipment. They can use this equipment to summon (mint) their own Wright Dragons and participate in GameFi game modes such as Defense and Sacrifice to earn $HNFT rewards.

One day, you luckily land on the giant island on a night when the aurora appeared and start to fight with the Wright Dragon. Your story is about to begin...

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