⚔️3-Defense to earn

Defense : After successfully summon (minting) your Wright Dragon, you can choose to defend it and share the defense reward pool of $HNFT with other players. Select the dragon you wish to defend, and click the "Defense" button to enter the defense state.

Claim $HNFT reward:Once you have successfully defense your Wright Dragon.When the defended Wright Dragon displays the "DEFENDING" symbol, it indicates that the eligibility for claim the rewards has been confirmed.

After the daily settlement, you can click the "$" button to claim the defense rewards from the previous day. Accumulated rewards from multiple days can be claimed at once in a single transaction.

“The game's reward pool will undergo daily settlement. After deducting the operational costs from the daily generated income of $CKB, an 'Intelligent Trading bot' will exchange the corresponding amount of $HNFT on YokaiSWAP. These $HNFT will be transferred to the defense reward pool. After each daily settlement, the rewards for defense will be ready for claim.

Defense Rules:

1.After summoning Wright Dragon, you can defend to share the bonus pool.

2.You can start defend at 0-24 o'clock on a T-1 day and stay defending on T day(trade day), the rewards of T day will be sent to your Godwoken ETH address after settlement Count down.

3.Once you cancel the defense at any time on T day, the rewards also will be canceled.”

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