📈NFT trade on YokaiDojo

YokaiDojo is an NFT marketplace in the NERVOS ecosystem that provides professional ERC-721 NFT trading services. To participate, you will need to acquire Nervos L2 Godwoken $CKB tokens. When you need to trade equipment or Wrght Dragons, you can access the marketplace through the game connection and purchase the game NFT assets you require.

You have the option to access the trading marketplace either through the game or by marketplace's URL:

Equipment NFT Market:https://nft.yokaiswap.com/nfts/collections/0x853e535D547A1560e53cB2aAAC42d24819be2d05

Wright Dragon NFT Market:


Let's use logging in from the game exhance Wrght Dragon as an example.

Buy Dragons:

Buy Dragons step-1:In the Defense & Sacrifice module, click on the "Dragon Market" button to access the Wright Dragon marketplace in YokaiDojo.

Buy Dragons step-2:In the "On Sell" interface of the marketplace, select the Wright Dragon you wish to purchase, and click to enter the details page.

Buy Dragons step-3:Click on the "Buy" button, and after confirming the transaction signature, you will be able to use this Wright Dragon join Defense and Sacrifice within the game.

Sell Dragons:

Sell Dragons step-1:In the "ALL" interface of the marketplace, select the Wright Dragon with the ID number that you want to sell, and click to enter the details page.Please note that Wright Dragons that are currently "DEFENDING" cannot be traded.

Sell Dragons step-2:Click on the "List for sale" button to proceed. After completing the transaction confirmation and signature, your Wright Dragon will appear in the "On Sale" list. When another player purchases your Wright Dragon, the payment will be directly transferred to your wallet.

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