📜Economic Model

HuntingNFT Economic Model

Economic Model Interpretation


Daily Reward Exchange and Distribution contract

This feature accumulates the daily generated income during the game process and utilizes an AI trading bot to exchange $CKB for $HNFT on the market. The converted $HNFT is then used to reward the defending Wright Dragons.


The Summon(MINT) smart contract allows for the creation of a Wright Dragon by destroying five pieces of equipment.

Defense Rewad contract

The Defense Reward smart contract is used for daily settlement of the total defense rewards. Each defending Wright Dragon can interact with the contract at any time to settle and claim the defense rewards.

Sacrifice Destruction contract

The Sacrifice Destruction smart contract is responsible for daily settlement of the number of sacrifices and the reward pool. It sends the Sacrifice rewards in $HNFT to the wallet addresses of the Wright Dragons sacrificed on that day.


A decentralized trading marketplace that enables users to trade both tokens and NFTs.

HuntingNFT Project Foundation

HuntingNFT Project Foundation holds 10% of the total $HNFT supply, which is solely used for ecosystem rewards, external collaborations, and organizing operational activities.

Ecological Fund pool

The Ecological Fund pool holds 58% of the total $HNFT supply, primarily allocated for daily distribution of sacrifices,Yield Farming, and staking rewards.

Note: The HuntingNFT team has not performed any Private Sale for players. Participating in game ecology is the only way to get tokens.

Token distribution

Release Rule

Ecological Fund Pool :

Sacrifice repurchase: 95% of them are released according to the 5-year average, and 5% are released in half every quarter.

Yield Farming: According to the 5-year average release.

Staking: According to the 5-year average release.

Team: Released linearly in 3-year.

Community airdrop: 100% release before Listing

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