Economic Model

HNFT Economic Model


Economic Model Interpretation

Note: The HuntingNFT team has not performed any Private Sale for players. Participating in platform ecology is the only way to get tokens.

Token distribution


Release Rule

Ecological Fund Pool :
Sacrifice repurchase: 95% of them are released according to the 5-year average, and 5% are released in half every quarter.
Yield Farming: According to the 5-year average release.
Staking: According to the 5-year average release.
Team: Released linearly in 3-year.
Community airdrop: It will be started and distributed according to the airdrop and exchange rules before HuntingNFT V2.0 is launched.

Deflationary Mechanism

The project's market transaction income and other game ecological income in the NFT secondary market will be deposited into the Foundation for partial destruction. The destruction amount will be matched according to the inflation level of the secondary market as well as the activity of the community. The destruction results will be announced regularly.