Game Items

Dragon Scale NFT
Dragon Scale NFT: The Dragon Scale NFT is officially released by HuntingNFT. Carry it can successfully land on「Wright Islands」 and use it to kill Wright Dragon. The NFT can be obtained using CKB on the official website, or you can actively participate in official activities to get Dragon Scale NFT reward.
Mystery Box NFT
Mystery Box : Mystery Box is officially released by HuntingNFT, it can be obtained by the game store. You can get a random equipment of the Dragon Scale suit after opening the Mystery Box .
Dragon scale suit NFT
Dragon Scale equipment NFT: The Dragon Scale equipment NFTs are custom designed and released by HuntingNFT Official and Nordic well-known illustrator together. The suit consists of 5 pieces, including helmet, breastplate, shield, wings, and sword. Players can go to Castle Night to summon Wright Dragon after gathering 5 different pieces of equipment.
HuntingNFT V2.0 will provide a total of 10 levels, each level is made of different materials suits. Each piece of equipment has a different drop rate according to its rarity and has certain hidden attributes.
Best tester I-IV Airdrop NFT: It's a limited NFT that was officially released by HuntingNFT to reward early birds who participated in the earlier version testing. Players can go to the official website to participate in airdrop exchange activities before HutingNFT V2.0 is launched.
Wright Dragon NFT : When a player gathers 5 different pieces of Dragon Scale equipment, it can be used to summon(Mint)a Wright Dragon that belongs to him. Wright Dragon NFT can be used to participate in garrison, sacrifice and other GameFi to get the daily revenue, share and sacrifice reward from HuntingNFT platform.