The main gameplay

Battleground: The battleground consists of multiple battle rooms that players can create a new one or join in an existing one. Players need to select the Dragon Scale NFT, then start fighting with Wright Dragon. When the battle room is opened, a 600-second countdown begins. The battle can be started alone or joined in a team, up to 5 players in a team.
The probability of battle survivors obtaining equipment is determined by HuntingNFT team through in-depth research on true and pseudo random numbers, using Abstract Mersenne Twister algorithm to generate random numbers.The algorithm uses the properties of Mersenne primes to design random numbers whose period length is the length of Mersenne primes. Anything generated by program and a certain algorithm is a pseudo-random number, but using Abstract Mersenne Twister algorithm to generate a random number's cycle is already an astronomical number. It is Abstract Mersenne Twister algorithm that let each player join in the battle to get a reward with the same probability.
Dragon Scale Destruction: Regardless of the game result, the Dragon Scale NFT used by the players will be destroyed after the battle. The destroyed CKB is used to exchange HuntingNFT tokens by the exchange robot in the secondary market, which will be used to issue ecological rewards and supplement the bonus pool.
Summon Destruction: The Dragon Scale equipment NFTs used for summoning will be destroyed after summoning. The destroyed CKB will be exchanged for HuntingNFT tokens by exchange robot in the secondary market, which will be used to issue garrison rewards on that day.
*Note: The HuntingNFT team will not charge any fees as profit during the NFT destruction. ALL the destruction will be returned to the game ecosystem.
Bonus Pool: The sales revenue of Dragon Scales will be partly added to the game bonus pool after deducting operating expenses and mint costs. HuntingNFT will update the bonus pool balance regularly. The bonus pool is used for newcomers rewards, event lottery, repurchase and destruction of tokens, etc., to ensure the healthy development and activity of the community.
Summon: Users go to Castle Night model, select 5 different pieces of equipment to summon Wright Dragon in the summoning hall. Users can use different materials' equipment to open summon. The same material suit can bring different suit attributes in the later version, will open more gameplays and more rewards.
Mystery box: Players can go to Summon Hall to view their own after purchasing a mystery box. Players will get random Dragon Scale equipment after opening the mystery box, which is stored in their wallets. It will all be used for the ecological reward of the day after deducting the cost from the sales revenue of the mystery box.
Auction: Players can go to the HuntingNFT secondary market area to exchange Dragon Scale equipment NFT, Wright Dragon NFT and other items. (This feature is under development. )
Defense : Players choose their own Wright Dragons open to station in the castle, continue to gain rewards from Wright Island. ( Will be online in HuntingNFT V2.0 )
Sacrifice: The player chooses to sacrifice his own Wright Dragon. The Wright Dragon NFT is destroyed. The sacrifice reward of the day is divided equally with other sacrifice players, the price of Wright Dragon on the day is based on the sacrifice reward value. ( Will be online in HuntingNFT V2.0 )
Island Landing : Will to be online.
The Loot Night : Will to be online.
Unite Garrison : Will to be online.
Home construction : Will to be online.