V1.5 Beta Test Tutorials

Support system: support PC (Mac OS & Windows), mobile phone (Android, IOS)
Game language: English
Mainnet launch: Nervos, requires $CKB to participate in the game
DID system: use UniPass 3.0 testnet
NFT system: use Mibao to distribute
We take the PC side as an example to demonstrate HuntingNFT V1.5 Beta.

STEP 1: Setting up your Wallet

To start, make sure your UniPass wallet is set up for HuntingNFT.
  1. 1.
    GamePage : HuntingNFT, Hunting to Earn, select 「Wallet」at the bottom, click 「GO TO UNIPASS LOGIN 」, jump to the UniPass login page.
2. New user clicks 「SIGN UP」 to register for UniPass TestNet account. UniPass supports mainstream email registration, fills in the registered email, clicks 「send the verification code to the email」 to activate the account and set the password.
Users who have previously registered for the UniPass TestNet can directly click 「Login IN」to log in to their original accounts.

STEP 2: Get $CKB

  1. 1.
    After logging in, click on the 「WALLET 」interface, you can see your UniPass account and its corresponding CKB recharge address.
2. You can go to Nervos Pudge Faucet to get the Test $CKB.
3. Go back to the HuntingNFT homepage, refresh the page, you can see the CKB balance indicating that CKB has been successfully recharged.

STEP 3: Get Scale NFTs

1. You can buy NFTs on the 「WALLET」page,select「Store」 section of the homepage . A Dragon Scale NFT is 199 CKB, the purchase of 10 consecutive packs can get a discount for only 1899 CKB.
2.Click 「Get Now」 button, click 「Pay」 on the prompt order page, use UniPass to sign then to complete the purchase.
You can check the NFT in your wallet about 10 minutes later.
3. You can view the order in「WALLET」 — 「ORDERS」, or you can click the icon below enter the browser to check whether the transaction has been confirmed.
4.You can check the NFTs package you have bought on the「WALLET」 — 「NFTS」 module. It takes about 3–5 minutes after you buy the NFTs .
*Note: HuntingNFT V1.0 Beta sells Dragon Scale NFT and Mystery Box.
Note: The listed NFTs also synchronize to your Mibao wallet.

STEP 4: Battle to Earn.

1. Click「BATTLES」at the bottom to see the battle list. You can create a new battle name or join an existing one created by other players to join in the battle.
2. By now, 「 PUBLIC TEAM 」 (It’s a public room, everyone can join) or 「 PRIVATE TEAM 」 (It’s a private room, a four-digit password is required ) are supported.
3. Enter the room page and click「Join in the Battle」, select the Dragon Scale NFT you want to used start fighting the Wright Dragon in this battle. Click 「CONFIRM」, authorize the transaction right to confirm.
4. The battle can be started alone or join in a team, up to 5 players in a team. Chances are that battle survivors will get the Dragon Scale equipment NFT after a 600-second countdown. The used Dragon Scale equipment NFTs by players will be destroyed by the platform and rewards for ecology.
5. You can also exit the fighting battle room, go to the lobby to join in another battle.
Note: The battle survivors can get different types of game-specific NFTs in wallet.
The probability of battle survivors obtaining equipment is determined by HuntingNFT team through in-depth research on true and pseudo random numbers, using Abstract Mersenne Twister algorithm to generate random numbers. The algorithm uses the properties of Mersenne primes to design random numbers whose period length is the length of Mersenne primes. Anything generated by program and a certain algorithm is a pseudo-random number, but using Abstract Mersenne Twister algorithm to generate a random number's cycle is already an astronomical number. It is Abstract Mersenne Twister algorithm that let each player join in the battle to get rewards with the same probability.

STEP 5: Summon New Dragon.

On HuntingNFT V1.0 Beta version, adds the summon Wright Dragon new feature. Players can win through battles or get mystery boxes in the store to get dropped equipment, consisting of 5 types of equipment including helmet, breastplate, shield, wings, and sword. After obtaining 5 NFTs equipment, players can go to Castle Night to summon Wright Dragon. In the next version, the Wright Dragon can be sacrificed or garrisoned to unlock more ways to play.
1.On the homepage, click「Castle Night」at the bottom middle of the game to come to summon Wright Dragon, click 「Summon New Dargon」.
2. Players can summon Wright Dragon by collecting 5 different types of Dragon Scale equipment NFTs. The Dragon Scale equipment NFTs can be obtained by purchasing and participating in battles, or by purchasing mystery boxes directly in the Store.
3. Players can get mystery boxes on the Store page. A mystery box's price is 999 CKB, or 10 mystery boxes can be purchased at one time, only for 9500 CKB. (Note: The mystery box's price will be adjusted according to the market conditions in the official version.)
4. You can go to the Summon Hall to check your mystery box after the transaction is successful.
5. Click 「open it now」to open random Dragon Scale equipment. At the beginning of the game, a total of 10 levels and made of different materials suits are provided. According to rarity and different hidden attributes, each piece of equipment has a different drop rate. (In the v1.0 version, the rare equipment has not added attributes yet.)
6. Players select 5 pieces of equipment to summon Wright Dragon in the Summon Hall. Players can use different materials' equipment to open summon. Click Summon to summon Wright Dragon. The player can get a fully equipped Wright Dragon NFT, after the confirmation is successful. (The same material suit can trigger different suit attributes in the later version of the game, opening more gameplay and more benefits.)
7. This version's Wright Dragon can be used to exchange for airdrop rewards in the next version of the game.

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