Preparation for Battle

Nervos public chain: HuntingNFT is deployed on the Nervos public and cross chain, based on a more flexible underlying model and rich basic components, which can realize the on-chain and transfer of NFT between game accounts with a cost close to zero. While effectively reducing player participation costs,it provides a lower entry threshold, a safer and smoother gaming experience.
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Identity Manager: HuntingNFT V1.5 account system is built based on UniPass V3. Before the game starts, players need to log in to UniPass and use your email to register an UniPass ID. This ID is common for HuntingNFT platform, secondary market exchange and managing HuntingNFT assets.
UniPass ID is the product of the Layer 2 team after several rounds of iterations. The user data in UniPass ID is cryptography verifiable, so any project that connects to UniPass ID can trust and verify the authenticity and reliability of the user data provided by UniPass ID. As the infrastructure of Web3, UniPass ID's vision is to become the encrypted identity of ordinary users in the metaverse.
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NFT Distribution and Transfer: All NFTs of HuntingNFT are minted and distributed based on the Mibao platform on Nervos.
The first NFT creation, distribution and holding platform Mibao on Nervos was created by Nervina Labs. As a compliant and easy-to-use blockchain native product, users can collect digital collections with zero thresholds, creators can one-click publish their own NFTs, which create a seamless experience with zero friction.
Secondary market: Users can choose to go to the HuntingNFT secondary market area to list the rare NFT obtained in the game for sale, auction, etc., to get NFT premium income. (This feature is under development. )
In the early stage of the game, we will set up a dedicated channel for the secondary market in the Discord channel to serve players for exchange. The secondary exchange is already under development and will be trial-run soon.